Can Tribulus Improve My Sex Drive?

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Looking for a natural way to boost your sex drive?

The powerful super herb tribulus terrestris has a reputation for boosting libido in both men and women as well as increasing testosterone production, improving mood as well as being a natural painkiller.

In this guide, we take a look at whether tribulus can improve your sex drive and restore natural balance to your appetite in the bedroom.

Tribulus terrestris is marketed mainly towards bodybuilding as a way to naturally increase testosterone levels; a safe and legal way to replace steroids.

However, one of the main effects that this potent supplement can treat is a waning libido.

For centuries, both traditional Indian and Chinese medicine has known of the kick that it can give to the sex drive and it has commonly been used to treat erectile dysfunction. And it doesn’t just work as an aphrodisiac for men with women also benefiting from the stirrings it produces in the sex drive.

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What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus is a plant which grows globally in a range of conditions. Though the fruit is unsafe to eat due to its characteristic thorns (it is known as puncture vine in North America), tribulus has no harmful side-effects.

Supplements are generally manufactured from the seeds of the plant and supplied as powder extract, loose or in capsules. The benefit of capsules is that dosages have already been premeasured so you can be sure of the quantity you are ingesting.

How Can it Boost the Libido?

So, what’s the science behind tribulus? How can it boost your sex drive?

There are plenty of naturally occurring aphrodisiacs from tongkat ali to asparagus, oysters to ashwagandha and tribulus is just another one of mother nature’s potent plants, packed full of hormone boosting compounds.

The main active ingredient of tribulus is a steroidal saponin called protodioscin.

Protodioscin appears to work primarily by boosting our natural receptivity (in our brain) to the levels of androgens in our system. Aside from any claims that tribulus boosts testosterone, this powerful little saraponin appears to make the most of the testosterone that we already produce. Androgens like testosterone and DHT produce an aphrodisiac response and, in men, can also provide help with flagging erections.

In combination with the increased receptivity, protodioscin has also been found to release nitric oxide to the erectile tissue (corpus cavernosum) of the penis.

In various animal studies and in clinical trials, tribulus terrestris has been shown (statistically) to significantly increase DHEA, DHT and testosterone levels. However, though a handful of human trials suggest that this is true, there has yet to be conclusive proof to determine the exact efficacy.

So, scientifically speaking, tribulus most definitely packs a punch for the sex drive by enhancing natural performance.

triblus improve sex drive

Need we say any more… Image via Flickr.

Anecdotally, the evidence is far more compelling and tribulus has a large following of dedicated users who swear by the potency of this herb to produce a significant boost to the libido.

Increase sperm count

In studies undertaken on both castrated and healthy rats, tribulus was found to be as effective as Viagra.

Not only was the supplement found to increase the sexual behaviour of the subjects, including frequency, duration and erectile function but has also been shown to increase sperm production. In human studies, stamina and appetite is also increased and groups of sub-fertile men have reportedly been shown to see increases in their sperm counts of almost 50%.

tribulus boost sperm count

Tribulus terrestris can boost sperm count by as much as 50%. Image via Flickr.

How to Take Tribulus to Boost Your Sex Drive

It’s important to remember that all tribulus terrestris supplements are not created equal and, depending on the geography of where the plant has been harvested, the saraponin content can vary greatly.

In order to harness the aphrodisiac properties that have been identified in animal studies, a dose of 5mg/kg is required.

Look for manufacturers who provide a product that has an extract of 60% saraponins. At this level, a daily dose of between 200-450mg would be sufficient to have a positive effect on the libido.

However, in studies conducted in over 60 men aged between 18-44, a daily dose of 6g of tribulus appeared to significantly improve the quality and duration of erections as well as improving sperm count. In this particular study, conducted over 60 days, a 16.3% increase in testosterone levels was also noted.

tribulus boost erectile function

Improving the strength and quality of erections, tribulus can boost performance. Image via Flickr.

Research suggests that the peak performance of tribulus occurs in 10-14 days of the start of any cycle of treatment. It is therefore worth pointing out that you should cycle your use of this supplement to prevent a plateau.

So, tribulus terrestris has been shown in clinical studies to be a reliable and potent way to boost the libido by allowing our body’s own androgens to be more effective on the brain.

With the additional side effects of a positive increase in our sexual well-being, a boost to stamina, performance and drive plus the impact that this has on our mood, this effective herb can seriously boost your sex drive.

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