The Best Natural Herbs for Bodybuilders: A Complete Guide

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If you want to get more from bodybuilding, you should know that the best natural herbs for bodybuilders will help you to gain important performance advantages. Today, we’re going to share a complete guide to a range of impressive herbs which will help you to access natural gains.

Our guide will show you that it’s possible to get better results from training, without resorting to illegal steroids. Buying Illegal steroids may lead to fines and jail time. Taking illegal steroids may put you in line for terrible side effects, including gynecomastia  (“man boobs”) and/or other types of feminization. Anabolic steroids are also known to trigger severe acne, liver damage and “‘roid rage”.

These unpleasant (and sometimes very dangerous) steroid symptoms just scratch the surface. There are plenty more!

The natural herbs that we’re going to discuss today are steroid-free ways to boost performance. Plus, a lot of these herbs positively impact general health, as well as athletic performance. They are holistic alternative treatments which are good for the whole body.

First, we want to talk about Tribulus Terrestris. It’s definitely a popular choice with bodybuilders all over the world, from all age groups. They trust this herbal supplement because it works for them.

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Is Tribulus Terrestris Right For You?

collection of natural dietary supplement capsules

When used on its own or as a part of a stack, the herbal supplement known as Tribulus Terrestris may give you the testosterone boost that you need in order to increase muscle mass, burn away fatty deposits and access extra endurance.

Clinical studies featuring this herb, which is world-renowned as a natural aphrodisiac (some people call it, “Natural Viagra”), show promising results!

So, what is “TT”, anyway? Why do people who train with weights trust it so much?

Well, Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that grows all over the globe. It’s also called cat’s head, goat head and devil’s weed. The plant features flowering fruit. The fruit dries out at the end of spring and then hardens. When it hardens, compact, spiky seeds remain.

For thousands of years, this herb has been a mainstay in Indian traditional medicine (Ayurveda) and Chinese traditional medicine. Now, it’s helping those who lift weights to access their dream physiques.

Why Is Tribulus Effective?

This herb is packed with natural active ingredients, the most powerful of which are saponins. One type of saponin in TT is a steroidal compound known as “protodioscin”. Most experts believe that this steroidal saponin gives this herb the power to boost libido, improve sexual performance and provide performance advantages to bodybuilders and other types of athletes.

With supplements, it’s important to cut through the marketing hype and look at clinical studies which confirm or exclude specific benefits, including the capacity to elevate testosterone levels. With this in mind, let’s look at hard scientific facts which back up the performance and health advantages of Tribulus Terrestris.

In 2016, a group of researchers (M.F. Roaiah, Y.I. El Khayat, S.F. Gamal El Din, M.A. Abd El Salam) administered seven hundred and fifty milligrams of TT daily to thirty males, all of whom were experiencing low testosterone and erectile dysfunction symptoms.

The study had a duration of three months and was published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Test results showed that Tribulus Terrestris significantly elevated free testosterone and total testosterone levels. Males who participated in the study reported that their erections were stronger.

Pros and Cons of TT

In terms of pros, improving testosterone levels may be as easy to taking a TT supplement as directed. Testosterone is a vital component in athletic performance. A 2012 report, Testosterone and Sport: Current Perspectives, by Steven J. Stanton and Ruth I. Wood, was published in the Hormones and Behavior medical journal.

The report showed that people (both men and women produce testosterone) who have higher levels of testosterone are more likely to have the drive to compete. Also, higher testosterone was shown to give athletes more physiological and psychological advantages during competitions.

So, what about the drawbacks? Well, results of treatment with TT may vary. Every man isn’t going to get the same result. Another issue is side effects. Most guys don’t experience any side effects. However, difficulty sleeping may occur.

Since side effects are rare, mild and usually non-existent, and a clinical study backs up the performance advantages of taking TT (i.e. higher levels of total testosterone and serum testosterone), we think that this supplement is a smart and safe choice for bodybuilders.

Fenugreek Supplements

Fenugreek plant with flowersAnother potent herb which is ideal for usage by bodybuilders is Fenugreek. This herb is indigenous to southern Europe, Western Asia and the Mediterranean. Its seeds are often utilized in order to create medications, or to mask the unpleasant taste of other medications. Fenugreek, which is part of the Trigonella foenum-graecum family, is also a popular natural supplement.

The seeds of this plant taste and smell pleasant and their fragrance and flavor have been compared to that of maple syrup. In India, the leaves of the Fenugreek plant are considered to be vegetables and they’re eaten raw and cooked.

This herb may be called, “Greek hay” or “Ram’s head clover”. It’s a plant that’s been utilized in traditional medicine throughout history. For example, the ancient Egyptians, who were amazingly sophisticated for their era, relied on Fenugreek for its medicinal properties.

Fenugreek is a famous herbal aphrodisiac and it’s also believed to ease digestion, assist with fat loss and alleviate symptoms of diabetes. In terms of what it offers to bodybuilders, it’s all about testosterone. A lot of people do believe that Fenugreek has the power to jack up natural testosterone levels. Clinical research backs this viewpoint up.

Now, let’s look at the science behind Fenugreek.

Why Is Fenugreek Effective?

There is quite a bit of scientific evidence that this herb is effective. One pivotal clinical study, by Colin, Wilborn et al (Effects of a Purported Aromatase and 5 a-reductase Inhibitor on Hormone Profiles in College-age Men) was published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition in 2010.

During the study, a group of males of college age were administered five hundred milligrams of Fenugreek per day. Results showed that total testosterone in this group went up by an average of 6.57 percent. As well, there was a big jump in bioavailable testosterone levels (the increase in bioavailable testosterone averages 12.26 percent).

Testosterone gives bodybuilders the performance advantages that they want. Higher testosterone levels make it easier to build lean muscle mass, burn away fat and enjoy greater strength and endurance.

Another study, which appeared in the medical journal, J Int Soc Sports Nutr., in late October of 2017, showed that males who took five hundred milligrams per day of Fenugreek supplement experienced significant improvements in lower body and upper body strength, versus the placebo group. As well, these gains were accessed without adverse side effects.

Pros and Cons of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is easy to access in supplement form. Recommended dosages (five hundred milligrams per day) are proven to be effective, based on clinical research from more than one study.

Now, let’s talk about side effects. We already mentioned that one group of males who participated in a clinical study experienced no side effects at all, while gaining strength in the upper and lower portions of their bodies.

The best way to avoid possible side effects which are linked with consumption of Fenugreek herb is to follow the dosage recommendation. Some people have experienced side effects while taking this herb, including gas, a sweet syrup smell that emanates from their urine, sick stomach and intestinal distress. As with any supplement, some people will be allergic, so there is the possibility of allergy symptoms.

Ginger Supplements

A selection of ginger and a cup of tea with ginger

Ginger is simple to add to recipes and teas. However, more and more weightlifters are choosing to access higher concentrations of Ginger by taking Ginger supplements. This flowering plant is known by the scientific name, Zingiber officinale, and it belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, along with Cardamom, Turmeric and Galangal.

Utilized for thousands of years, as a spice and a folk remedy, Ginger is a component in many enticing recipes. It’s also a popular supplement, with weightlifters and with those who don’t pump iron in the gym.

The Ginger plant is classified as a perennial which is evergreen. It’s believed to have originated, in the form of ground flora, across southern Asia and the subcontinent of India.

So, what does Ginger do, exactly? Why has it been used in traditional Chinese and Indian (Ayurveda) medicine for centuries? Well, a variety of clinical studies show that this warming spice is a true “superfood”. It has the power to ease nausea, to decrease inflammation, to improve digestion, to regulate insulin levels and (last, not not least) to elevate serum testosterone levels.

These benefits are just several of a multitude.

Weightlifters who supplement with Ginger or similar herbs, such as Tribulus Terrestris, are typically looking for T-boosting effects,  Higher testosterone levels make it easier to power through tough workouts and access size and strength gains.

Why Is Ginger Effective?

A research group from Tikrit University studied the effects of Ginger on men who suffer from infertility. They men received an unspecified dosage of Ginger daily for thirty weeks. Upon conclusion of the study, the infertile men had much higher testosterone levels than they started out with. Their serum testosterone went up by 17.7 percent. It’s believed that testosterone production is boosted via ginger because the supplement has the capacity to decrease DNA fragmentation of sperm.

Men who are not infertile may also experience a jump in testosterone production when they supplement with Ginger extract. Most supplements use Ginger Root in order to provide optimal benefits.

Another study (Kamtchouing, etc.), where lab rats were administered Ginger also showed elevated serum testosterone levels. In addition, the rats had more testicular testosterone after treatment with Ginger.

Pros and Cons of Ginger

Ginger is powerful and so many studies underscore its value as a testosterone booster and all-around health tonic. Also, it’s so easy to find superb Ginger supplements online. This is a supplement for weightlifters which offers a lot of “pros” and so few “cons”.

Side effects are mild and uncommon, but they may happen. Some people experience heartburn due to consumption of Ginger, while others find that it’s irritating to their digestive tracts (despite its reputation for aiding digestion). As long as you follow the recommended dosage guideline, of five hundred milligrams per day, you will probably find that Ginger is very easy for your body to tolerate. Some people are able to take double that amount without suffering from side effects.

The Best Natural Herbs for Bodybuilders

Man lifting weights indoors

Whether you choose Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek or Ginger, or go for all three, you’ll find that any of these herbs for weightlifters provide premium benefits.

We’ve focused on a trio of powerful and beneficial herbs which provide proven performance advantages. These herbs offer the ultimate in natural gains.

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