The Best Workouts For Boosting Testosterone Levels

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Exercise is a proven way to increase testosterone levels. If you want higher “T” levels, you’ll definitely be able to elevate them by working out! Today, we want to share the most impressive, testosterone-boosting exercises.

Once you discover these exercises, you’ll be able to get a hit of pure testosterone whenever you break a sweat and “feel the burn”.

According to Dr. Todd Schroeder, who researches hormones and exercise in men who are older, exercise is the key to raising “T” levels, although the increases will always be temporary and will generally last between fifteen minutes and one hour.

This respected doctor, who works at the University of California, knows that exercise is one of the best ways to remain youthful and virile as the years pass!

If you suffer from low testosterone, workouts aren’t going to be enough to solve the problem completely, even if you do exercises which are known to be very effective in terms of boosting “T’ levels.

However, if you are one of those guys whose testosterone levels tend to fluctuate between normal and low on a regular basis, you will find that the effects of the workouts that we’re going to talk about today are very beneficial and powerful.

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HIIT Is More Effective Than Cardio

HIIT for t levels

An abstract published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, in December of 2012 (Authors: A.C. Hackney, K.P. Myer, D.A. Rubin and C.L. Battaglini), shows that intensive interval training (HIIT-style exercise) gives men bigger testosterone gains than steady cardio exercise does.

During the study, one group of men did intensive interval training and the other group did steady-state endurance exercise (SSE). SSE is traditional cardio exercise. Tests showed that the intensive interval group had higher levels of free testosterone after their workouts, versus the cardio group.
“T” levels rose in both groups. However, the group that did HIIT-style workouts had a clear edge!

With this in mind, we’d like to share some HIIT exercise tips which will help you to access the “T” that you need in order to feel energetic, ultra-masculine and confident!

How to Do a HIIT Warm-up

HIIT warmup

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Now, let’s focus on a quick HIIT warm-up which is just right for beginners!

Start things off by jogging in place for just half a minute. Then, stand up straight and put your arms behind you, one at a time, as though you’re performing a swimming backstroke. Repeat the backstroke movement for half a minute.

Next, do front lunges, side lunges and back lunges. Step with a single leg and then step with the other leg. Do the lunges for sixty seconds.

After you finish, you’ll be primed for the main workout.

Do a 10-Minute HIIT Workout

Sporty workout

To start the main workout, run for one minute. Then, do a “squat to overhead press” for sixty seconds. Next, run for another minute. Then, do “walking lunges with bicep curls” for one minute. After your lunges, run for another minute.

To continue, do one minute of “renegade rows”. Afterwards, run for sixty seconds. Next, do a “sumo squat to high row” for a single moment and then run for a minute.  Finish the ten minute HIIT workout by performing “burpees with dumbbells” for one minute.

It’s so simple to find instructions for all of the testosterone-boosting exercises that we’ve discussed today, just by doing fast and easy Google searches. Once you master this two-minute warm-up/ten-minute workout combo, you’ll know that you’re doing HIIT movements which help to flood your body with testosterone.

Weightlifting Will Work Wonders

Based on clinical studies, HIIT is the best option for raising “T” levels through exercise.

However, HIIT isn’t your only option. Weightlifting is also an exceptional way to drive up testosterone levels. Dr. Jordan Metzl, who wrote the popular book, The Exercise Cure, believes that weightlifting is almost as good as high-intensity workouts in terms of increasing “T” levels.

He recommends doing a trio of weightlifting sets with very short rest periods in between.

Why Is Low “T” So Bad?

Headache from low testosterone

When a man has low testosterone, he may feel tired and unwell. He may notice that he feels much older than he expected to feel at his age!

Normal testosterone levels exceed three hundred nanograms per deciliter. Men who have “T” levels below 300 may suffer from some unwanted symptoms, including fatigue, loss of muscle mass, loss of libido, weight gain and mental fog.

These unpleasant “low T” side effects just scratch the surface. So many adverse symptoms are linked with low testosterone.

Men who want to know their testosterone levels should ask their family physicians for total testosterone tests. These tests are very accurate. If you get a test and find out that you do have “low T”, you’ll be able to seek out appropriate treatment.

Some men do very well with herbal supplements that contain natural active ingredients which are known to help the body produce more natural testosterone. This type of alternative and holistic treatment may be right for you.

When you combine a T-boosting supplement with regular exercise, such as HIIT workouts and weightlifting, you’ll be doing what’s best for your body. While there is no fountain of youth, men who do get proactive about battling their “low T” symptoms often feel younger, fresher and more alive. They love what higher T levels do for their minds, bodies and spirits.

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