The Best Diets for Boosting Testosterone Naturally

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Testosterone is a steroid hormone which is naturally-occurring. Also known as “T”, testosterone helps men to feel like men. This hormone regulates the libido, muscle mass, fat distribution, bone mass and strength of guys. It also helps them to produce sperm and red blood cells.

As men get older, their testosterone levels begin to decrease. Once males hit the age of 30, their ‘T” levels begin dropping by roughly one percent per year.

When testosterone levels plummet, they may fall below the normal range, which is 300 ng/dl to 1100 ng/dl. If your own levels go below 300 ng/dl, you will suffer from low testosterone.

Regardless of your current “T” levels, you’ll find that choosing a healthy and balanced “T-booster”  diet will help you to produce more of this vital steroid hormone, regardless of your age.

While a diet that increases testosterone production may not be enough to enough to resolve the symptoms of “low T”, from hair loss to weight gain to fatigue to muscle wasting and beyond, it will help you to feel better…especially when you combine proper diet with exercise and a testosterone-boosting natural dietary supplement.

With this in mind, we’d like to share information about the best diets for boosting testosterone naturally.

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The Mediterranean Diet Offers Benefits

Med diet

You’ve probably heard about the advantages of choosing a Mediterranean diet already. This is a nutritious (and delicious!) way to eat and it’s all about getting your fair share of whole grains, legumes, veggies and fruit which are found in Mediterranean regions, such as Greece, the Italian island of Sardinia and Malta!

With this diet, fish should be consumed weekly. Red meat should be limited, in addition to dairy. While this diet is typically low-salt and low-sugar, you will be able to live a little while you’re on it, because you’ll be able to enjoy moderate amounts of wine, yogurt and cheese.

In terms of foods to go for, enjoy extra-virgin olive oil and other healthy fats, red wine, albacore tuna, salmon, veggies and so much more.

So, how does the Mediterranean Diet positively impact testosterone production?

Well, legumes which are a part of this diet, including tasty lentils, decrease estrogen levels in men. When guys have high estrogen levels, the testosterone in their bodies is converted into estrogen. This tends to trigger “low T’ symptoms, including erectile dysfunction, feelings of tiredness and weight gain.

Also, salmon is packed with essential fatty acids (Omega-3, specifically) which are vital for testosterone production. These fatty acids increase the amounts of luteinizing hormone, which helps the testes to produce “T”.

As you can see, this diet offers plenty of advantages to men who want to produce more testosterone. So, why not find some Mediterranean Diet recipes online today?

A Paleo Diet Will Be a Good Choice

Best food for T levels

The Paleo Diet is also called the “caveman diet” and it’s a modern-day diet that is extremely popular. With this type of diet, you’ll focus on consuming foods which were eaten by people during the Paleolithic Era. An example of a typical Paleo supper is Roast Chicken with an assortment of roasted Autumn veggies, including Rutabagas, Butternut Squash and Turnips.

The Paleo Diet doesn’t feature grains which are refined and starchy, because these processed grains weren’t around in the caveman days. This is good news in terms of elevating “T” levels! Foods which are refined and starchy tend to create resistance to insulin. When there is more resistance to insulin, men’s bodies’ will convert testosterone into estrogen.

As well, this diet is low on foods that trigger unhealthy inflammation. Foods that do raise the risk of inflammation frequently boost damage to cells within the body. The long-term effects of cell damage include more cortisol production and more production of cortisone.

As time passes, these effects lower “T” levels.

So, the Paleo Diet, like the Mediterranean Diet, is definitely a good option. Bear in mind that this diet is fairly restrictive, although many men are thrilled with the way that it makes them look and feel.

In terms of what to avoid while following the Paleo Diet, focus on staying away from legumes, dairy products, potatoes (starchy veggies are a no-no), foods which are processed, cereal-type grains, foods with a lot of salt, veggie oils which are refined and sugar which is refined. 

Does a Vegan Diet Boost “T” Levels?

vegan food

Now, let’s talk about the Vegan Diet. People often adopt this diet for ethical reasons (for example, they may go vegan because of their love of animals and/or their desire to do less damage to the environment via the food and drink that they purchase and consume)…but is it the right diet for men who want to produce more energizing testosterone?

Well, according to Dr. Michael Greger, men who are vegan tend to have more testosterone than carnivores and vegetarians. An important medical study backs up Dr. Greger’s opinion. This study from The British Journal of Cancer involved 696 males, 233 of whom are vegans. The vegan men had thirteen percent more “T” than their meat-eating counterparts!

If you go vegan, you won’t be able to eat foods which are derived from animals or utilize animal-based byproducts or products. You’ll consume foods which are plant-based. This means no seafood, dairy, eggs or meat. As well, most vegans avoid products which are manufactured via animal-based sources, including wool, leather and fur.

Learn About “T-boosting” Power Foods

T boosting food

We’ve provided you with information about three “T-booster” diets. All three have proven, testosterone-increasing benefits. However, some guys struggle to stay on diets, because they want variety or just get tired of following diet rules. Men who aren’t fond of strict diets will benefit from adding testosterone-boosting “power foods” to their daily diets.

Examples include tuna, milk which is low in fat which which is fortified with vitamin D, egg yolks,  cereals with “fortified” status, shellfish (oysters belong to the Mollusk family of shellfish and they will be good choices), beans and beef.

Hopefully, this detailed guide will help you to make “T-boosting” choices the next time that you go to the grocery store or to a restaurant. Knowledge is power and knowing how to boost testosterone via your daily diet will help you to keep your own “T” levels high.

Bear in mind that guys with “low T” often need more help than a T-boosting diet can provide. If you don’t know your own testosterone level, ask your doc for a total testosterone test. If you find out that your “T” levels are low, you’ll be able to choose a treatment that elevates them. One option is a natural supplement which helps your body to produce more vital testosterone.

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