The Best Supplements Like Tribulus Terrestris

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Are you looking for the best or closest alternatives to Tribulus Terrestris? If you are, you’ve come the the right place!

Today, we’re going to share information about a variety of superb supplement options, all of which offer at least some of the effects of genuine “TT”.

Once you’ve discovered these impressive alternatives, you may want to try one, a few or all of them.

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Why Is Tribulus Terrestris So Popular?

flowering plant called Tribulus Terrestris

Author: Vengolis

Before we detail the main properties of the most popular and trusted Tribulus Terrestris alternatives, let’s talk about why the real thing is so popular.

The Tribulus Terrestris plant is leafy and compact. People may refer to it as TT, caltrop, goat’s head, puncture vine or Gokshura. You’ll find it growing in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. For thousands of years, the fruit and root of this plant have been utilized for medicinal purposes. Tribulus Terrestris is a common herbal remedy in Ayurveda medicine, as well as traditional Chinese medicine.

Over the course of history, this plant has been utilized in order to boost libido. It’s one of the most famous herbal aphrodisiacs. It may also boost testosterone levels.

It’s also believed to promote urinary tract health and to reduce inflammation.

Men Use TT to Boost Testosterone

These days, most men reach for T. Terrestris because they believe in its testosterone-increasing power. As you may already know, low levels of testosterone cause unwanted side effects in men, including fatty deposits, loss of muscle mass, tiredness, ED (erectile dysfunction) and loss of libido.

Men who suffer from low testosterone may feel that they’ve lost their masculine edge. Elevating testosterone typically relieves the low testosterone symptoms that make men feel older and less alive. Higher testosterone levels, which are at the normal range or above (280 to 1,100 nanograms per deciliter) gives guys the vitality and virility that they want.

Studies on rhesus monkeys and baboons were performed in 2008 (Gatheman and Ganesan) and results showed that IV treatment with T. Terrestris caused testosterone levels in test subjects to increase by a whopping fifty-two percent.

Now that you know why so many men believe in TT, let’s look at other types of supplements which have the same properties and benefits.

D-Aspartic Acid

Young man gets ready to run on track

If you want to keep your edge (or regain it!), you’ll benefit from discovering the power and potential of D-Aspartic Acid. Clinical studies show that this amino acid supplement has the power to elevate natural testosterone levels.

This study was published in the Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology journal and it indicated that males who were given a little more than three grams of D-Aspartic acid per day, for a period of twelve days, enjoyed higher levels of free testosterone. Their “T” levels went up by a very significant forty percent!

When men in the study stopped using the supplement for just 72 hours, their testosterone levels decreased by roughly ten percent.

How Does D-Aspartic Acid Work?

This supplement is one of two types of Aspartic acid amino acids. The other kind is called L-aspartate. You won’t get the benefits of D-Aspartic acid with the other form of Aspartic acid.

When you take D-Aspartic acid, your body will receive assistance which helps it to make more of the androgen hormone, testosterone. The amino acid will act on central receptors in your brain and provoke these important receptors to release hormones which are likely to cause increased production of testosterone. This amino acid supplement is a favorite of athletes who want to improve their size, strength and lean muscle mass.

Side Effects of D-Aspartic Acid

Most men who use this supplement do so without experiencing unpleasant side effects. However, there is the risk of headaches, pimples, intestinal distress, and changes of mood (which may include feelings of depression).

Vitamin D

bottle of vitamin D pills

Some men use Tribulus Terrestris because it has a reputation as “natural Viagra”. If this is why you’re interested in TT and similar supplements, you should know that investing in a bottle of Vitamin D may work wonders. A study performed in 2015 by researchers at John Hopkins University showed that thirty-two percent of men with vitamin D deficiencies have difficulty getting erections!

This ground-breaking study featured over thirty-four hundred USA participants.

Vitamin D is essential for good male sexual performance and some doctors look at Vitamin D levels when men come into their medical offices to talk about their ED (erectile dysfunction) problems. Savvy doctors know that this particular vitamin is vital when it comes to the health of cells which are found inside of blood vessels. When insufficient vitamin D is a problem, men will suffer from inhibited blood flow which makes it tough to get erections.

If your ED symptoms are related to low testosterone, vitamin D may not be enough to resolve them. However, it’s still a good choice for blood vessel health. Blood vessel health impacts heart health, as well as sexual performance. For this reason, you may want to make vitamin D a part of your daily routine.

How Does Vitamin D Work?

This vitamin is necessary in order to ensure proper regulation of a couple of minerals, which are phosphorus and calcium. As well, it plays a vital role in the maintenance of optimal bone structure.

Vitamin D also helps to strengthen cells, which is why it’s so useful for men who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. This vitamin provides advantages at the cellular level, by nourishing a variety of cells within the human body.

It’s possible to get Vitamin D from sunlight, but many people just don’t get enough via exposure to the sun’s rays. This is why a lot of foods are fortified with vitamin D, including dairy products and cereals.

Side Effects of Vitamin D

If you take the recommended dose per day of six hundred international units, and this includes vitamin D intake from dietary sources, supplements and sunlight, you are unlikely to experience any unwanted side effects.

In terms of possible side effects, which typically crop up when people take too much of this vitamin, you should watch out for elevated blood levels, sick stomach, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, elevated blood calcium levels, loss of bone density and kidney problems. Some people also experience diarrhea or constipation.


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This mineral is available in supplement form and it’s got a great reputation as one of nature’s aphrodisiacs. A clinical study showed that men who are deficient in Zinc due to poor diet have lower levels of “T” (testosterone). Low “T” often triggers loss of libido. This important study was published in the Nutrition journal in 1996 (Zinc Status and Serum Testosterone Levels of Healthy Adults).

By correcting a zinc deficiency with a supplement, you will have the power to boost your “T” levels the all-natural way.

This mineral is classified as an essential trace element. People who don’t get enough zinc are more likely to develop diseases or get sick. Zinc performs an array of important functions. It assists with provoking activity of around one hundred separate enzymes.

Men should shoot for a daily intake of eleven milligrams of Zinc. Don’t take more than forty milligrams of this supplement.

If you suspect that you may not be getting enough zinc from foods (foods which contain zinc include, but are not limited to, beef, oysters and wheat germ which is toasted), it may be time to order a bottle of Zinc supplement online.

How Does It Work?

This mineral is mandatory for proper development and growth of the body. It’s found within a range of body systems, as well as a host of biological reactions. For example, it’s needed for proper immune system function, blood clotting, wound healing and thyroid function.

Side Effects of Zinc

In certain people, this trace element may trigger a metallic taste in the mouth. It may also cause sick stomach, diarrhea, vomiting and damage to kidneys and/or stomachs. It’s important to never exceed the recommended daily dose.

Which Supplement is Right for You?

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Now that you have the inside scoop on the best natural substitutes for Tribulus Terrestris, you’ll be able to decide between T. Terrestris or an alternative.

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